Recording singing at home: The basics

by Miranda Jung, MBA, Broker Associate 02/25/2024

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Recording singing doesn't necessarily require a visit to a professional studio. With the right studio setup, dynamic mics and post-production tools, you can get started recording vocals at home anytime. But how do you get started?

Here is a short guide to recording vocals in your own space:

Getting a good performance

One major key to a great performance is a thorough understanding of the musical piece. If you're singing a song written by somebody else, put yourself in the same mental frame of the author when they wrote the song.

Ask yourself: How does this music make you feel? What happened to inspire the music or lyrics? Is the piece based on a real story? Whenever you hear or read someone's lyrics, try to imagine how they felt writing for an authentic vocal sound.

Step-by-step vocal recording checklist

There are some key steps to recording professional sounding vocals at home. In addition to the mental and emotional aspect of vocal recordings, you'll also want to do the following:

  1. Use the right equipment. Dynamic microphones, condenser microphones and ribbon mics are all common microphone types to investigate depending on your desired sound.
  2. Record in the right place. Choose a space with good acoustics but limited reverb.
  3. Record multiple takes and then take a break. Never underestimate the power of a thorough warm-up period.
  4. Leave effects until the end of the process. Focus on getting several solid takes with natural sound before adding in extra effects.

Home vocal recording mixing tips

Sound mixing is a complex process requiring both personal style and finesse. However, there are some simple reminders you can keep in mind for any home vocal recording session.

One thing experts recommend is to always mix the vocals within the context of the rest of the mix for accurate balance. Equalizing is the process of making the lead vocals as clear as possible, but you don't want to completely overpower the rest of the track.

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It is possible to achieve high-quality studio vocals in your own home studio. These tips will help guide your process and figure out the best possible way to record vocals in the comfort of your own home.

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